Penne all’assassina (murderer’s penne) made easy

I had the occasion to explain in a previous article (here) that the original recipe for Spaghetti all'assassina is based on a specific procedure carried out with specific tools. Scope of this new recipe is to present an easier version based on a pasta format, penne actually, which is easier to handle so that the … Continua a leggere Penne all’assassina (murderer’s penne) made easy

100% wholegrain bread, with mother yeast and bread machine

I thought useful to publish this content on my blog because wholegrain bread recipes are rarely based on wholegrain flour only: quite often recipes suggest a mix of Manitoba and wholegrain flours in various percentages. My experience is that if I use a good wholemeal flour only,  I can get very good results without adding … Continua a leggere 100% wholegrain bread, with mother yeast and bread machine

spaghetti capers, olives and breadcrumbs

My first Vegan recipe is this tasty first course requiring two particular but not difficult cooking techniques: the matecatura and baked gratin. ingredients for 4 people cooking time 30-40 minutes, medium difficulty 320g spaghetti o spaghettoni 2 tablespoons of desalted capers 4 tablespoons of olives (green or black from Gaeta) cut in half 2 garlic cloves, … Continua a leggere spaghetti capers, olives and breadcrumbs

Tomato basil sauce pasta

Perhaps the easiest italian cuisine tomato sauce, it is tasty, healthy, rapid and almost any pasta format suits fine with it. Vegan and vegetarian. pomodoro e basilico Ingredients (4 person):- Spaghetti 320g- Basil, the fresher the better. 10 large fresh leaves.- Garlic, two cloves - tomato puree 600g- Olio EVO (ExtraVergine di oliva) 3-4 spoons- … Continua a leggere Tomato basil sauce pasta

Potatoes Gnocchi

Simple recipe which requires a bit of dexterity. You will find all the steps in the VideoRecipe at the bottom of this article. meat tomato sauce My grandmother made me, little girl, mess with her gnocchi and cooking together was a party! The soft dough, taking shape in my child's hands, became a long "snake" … Continua a leggere Potatoes Gnocchi

Lori’s Apple Pie

My recipe is simple and rapid and usually...very successful 😋. Lori's apple pie Autumn is the time of apples and the scent of my apple pie is what reminds me of grandmother, mother and home. Ingredients:1kg rennet apples2 eggs250g of 00 flour70g of sugar 50g butter50g milk1 sachet of vanillin1 sachet of baking powder apple … Continua a leggere Lori’s Apple Pie

Hot dog onion sauce, New York cart recipe

If you like the red onion sauce served on the hot dogs you get from the road side carts, you'll be surprised to learn that it's easy to prepare. Should you need a bun recipe: ingredients (4-6 hot dog) 2 medium onions, sliced thin 30g sunflower oil (original recipe says either canola oil or rapeseed oil) 2g chili powder 115g … Continua a leggere Hot dog onion sauce, New York cart recipe