Tomato basil sauce pasta

Perhaps the easiest italian cuisine tomato sauce, it is tasty, healthy, rapid and almost any pasta format suits fine with it.

Vegan and vegetarian.

pomodoro e basilico

Ingredients (4 person):
– Spaghetti 320g
– Basil, the fresher the better. 10 large fresh leaves.
– Garlic, two cloves
– tomato puree 600g
– Olio EVO (ExtraVergine di oliva) 3-4 spoons
– Salt, as required
– optional: parmigiano cheese, as required

Tomato basil bucatini


  • boil a pot of salted water
  • in the meantime gently press/crush the garlic cloves and peel them
  • in a 15cm casserole pour EVO oil, add the two whole and peeled cloves of garlic. Heat the oil over low heat: 2′
  • garlic cloves must stay white when you add the tomato puree. Bring to a boil, add basil, lid on the casserole and remove from fire.
  • pour the spaghetti into the boiling water until cooked. Drain the pasta, add the basil sauce and serve with fresh basil leaves as a top garnish.
  • Add two little spoons of EVO Oil on top
  • Add parmigiano cheese as required, this dish tastes delicious even without.
  • Enjoy!


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