Pepperoni pizza roll

An intriguing tasty roll that is presented here with a typical filling but you can use vegetables, or gorgonzola, or ham, or anchovies, or any pizza dressing instead …

It has a different than usual processing because it is worked with a dough richer in water and on a pastry board and rolling pin wet with water and not with flour.


I deliberately omit the quantities because the beauty of this recipe is the” filling as you wish”. The strp-by-step procedure instead will give quantities when needed.

– Pizza dough. I will assume that you have already prepared a highly hydrated pizza dough (20% more water in the dough).

– thinly sliced pepperoni, the slice must be pliable.

– provolone, mild one. Alternatively pressed Asiago pressed. Unfortunately, mozzarella would release water and would be detrimental to the roll.

pepperoni pizza roll


  • prepare the pizza dough with 20% more water and let it rise as usual.
  • at the end of rising, wet the pastry board and you fingers, pour the dough over the pastry board and split it into the usual dough balls for a 30cm pizza.
  • Split the dough ball in two
  • wet again the pastry board and the rolling pin to roll out the hal dough ball to form a strip of about 35cm. It does not need to be regular in shape (see picture).
  • place 6 slices of pepperoni and add mild provolone (or asiago) in thin slices.
  • wet your fingers and with the help of the tarot roll up the strip on itself. Close both sides and seal them.
  • place the rolls on a dripping pan (sprinkled with flour or parchment paper)
  • let it rise in a oven at 40° C for 30′, static heat
  • remove the dripping pan with rolls,  heat the oven to 220°C. In the meantime, brush each roll with oil suitable for 220°C. Add to the rolls surface a three-millimeter layer of tomato sauce. The parially caramelised tomato sauce will bring a particular taste to each bite.
  • bake 15′ at 220°C and crunchy, soft and tasty rolls are ready. Let them rest 5′ before serving.
leavening phase
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