Potatoes Gnocchi

Simple recipe which requires a bit of dexterity. You will find all the steps in the VideoRecipe at the bottom of this article.

meat tomato sauce

My grandmother made me, little girl, mess with her gnocchi and cooking together was a party! The soft dough, taking shape in my child’s hands, became a long “snake” which I then cut to make gnocchi. I was very proud when everyone complimented me at lunch, even though in the very end I produced four or five gnocchi… but so much  fun we had!

Ingredients, 4/5 people
– 1kg of potatoes
– 250g of flour
– salt

mashing potatoes

Step-by-step procedure:

Boil the potatoes (with their skin).
Once cooked, peel them and mash them with a potato masher.  Add salt and let them cool down.
Add the flour on top of the potatoes and knead until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
At this point, cut a touch of dough and roll it until the gnocchi snake if formed (see video). A single gnocco is supposed to have a 2cm diameter and 3cm long, the gnocchi snake must be 2cm in diameter, then.

Bring to a boil salted water, immerse the gnocchi, spin them gently and don’t touch them anymore.
They will be cooked when all surface.

gnocchi di patate


It could be meat tomato sauce, basil pesto, four cheeses… or as you prefer.
I usually prepare a beef meat tomato sauce with just a piece of mutton meat served with pecorino romano cheese on top.

potatoes gnocchi


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